What do escort services generally include?


Escort services have always been a controversial topic across societies, with some terming it as immoral while others support it. However, this contempt has not prevented the business, such as Escort-Ireland from booming. As the escort service involves offering a sensual and fetish services, below, we are going to analyse in depth what this industry entails.

Private Body Massages

The private body sessions could be of different kinds. First, the incall services where you book for the service and get to receive the massages from the agency. Secondly, the outcall services are that which you can receive your private massages outside the booking premises; therefore, it can happen from your home or an unknown destination.

The private body massages are non-sensual; however, this can change depending with the client. These massages aim at relaxing one’s body, reduce anxiety and stress levels. During the private body massage, one can indulge in the exploration of one’s fetishes like feet fetishes. These fetishes are explored according to the client’s desire depending on the booked package.


Companionship is the ultimate goal of the escort business. The need for companionship can be caused by several factors; however, the main factor is loneliness. Many people who are lonely, and miss the love and care often visit the escort services to experience it. The escort service here hires professionals that are vast with the niche to aid clients.

Companionship can come in several ways, like through intimacy, where one takes it a notch higher and makes it sexual. Often many people use this in escort services. However, this is done if consent is granted to reduce cases like rape.

Additionally, the companionship can involve holding long interesting discussions that make you forget your problems. In this way, you can view them holistically rather than sexual.


The escort venture aims to provide quality services and a good rating on customer satisfaction. Therefore, the services offered are given in packages depending on the client, moreover, the level of professionalism is observed. When you visit the Escort-Ireland, you should not miss trying out one of the above services.