Seducing a woman with body language

Body language can play a huge part in seducing a woman. However, many people usually don’t know how they can influence body language to attract a woman. Using your body language properly can certainly make so much difference in your life.

A strong Posture

A strong, confident man usually attracts many women naturally. This is because basically, women consider men as protectors, and they typically gauge their outside and how they contain themselves. Cling to your posture always and stand straight. Never slouch or bend and appear too much relaxed because it can communicate a sense of defeat as well as nervousness to the woman. It can show like you have given up. Always stand upright and confidently this portrays that you can stand up for he. It is attracting to most women as it shows how people will picture you and this is what makes a woman happy. 

A good eye contact

Good eye contact is a trigger to many women; however, you need not stare so as to make eye contact. Employ your magnetism because eyes are similar to the language of the mind, and they assist in establishing a good quality of contact ahead of starting a conversation. Ensure, though, that you have not started staring at her creepily when making eye contact. Try to maintain eye contact, but keep looking away from time to time.

A smile

Smiling is what sells practically everything that you speak. A smile is an essential thing in your body language when it comes to attracting women. A killer smile will make a woman hang on all your words. This allows you to say and do things that you never thought they are possible. Never force a smile! It can go wrong because when a woman is talking, she is always attentive to your face and the look. Developing a false smile can be a harsh bargain through your eyes. Have a genuine laugh or smile because it illuminates your eyes, but a false smile leaves your eyes as they are try not to fake .