Financial Domination: Everything You Need To Know

Financial Domination (“Findom”) is a term that can be associated to having a fetish to financial slavery.

This term refers to men aroused by being able to provide and give as much money to an independent woman. Financial domination commonly takes form in men who give financial and even sometimes full control to a dominant woman. A woman takes advantage of men wanting to relinquish financial control, spoiling dominant women with lavish living and expensive gifts.

This kind of fetish sometimes requires little to nothing in return or even non-exchange of explicit sexual services at any cost. Thus, this is considered as one of the most glamorous fetishes of all.

In 2017, financial domination was distinguished as a plethora of younger women flexing on Twitter with their financial exploits. It is added that a thin boarder is separating a financial dominatrix to a mean young woman demanding men money.

According to another article, “financial domination can be simply defined as demanding money from male clients in exchange for attention and spending time with them…”.

Historical Background

The development of the term “Financial Domination” started in the ’90s. This was first coined by Princess Sierra or better known as Bitchy Princess. She started it all by making an animated GIF of money falling over her head. By this time around, money slaves (also known: pay pigs) would send small tributes, and soon after, there flooded more money slaves. A money slave’s definition of his worth is none other than pleasing his money mistress.

The coinage of the term Financial Domination, however, was thoroughly developed by Mistress Amelia Marx. Presently, she is now considered as a professional dominatrix, for she was first best known in her works on Financial Domination. She adapted the concept of her own day to day life, which eventually became a popular craze on the internet.

Financial domination came from her realization of how her clients became aroused by spoiling dominant women financially. She herself admitted as well that men’s financial worship aroused her. Seeing how the money slave enjoyed financial dominance, she realized how there was nothing better or even satisfactory to her money slave than spoiling Mistress Amelia with all her wants and needs.

Mistress Amelia Marx noticed the money slave’s erection immediately after he handed her the money.  Because of this, she then started a study on the nature of fetishes behind men’s financial arousal, psychological reasons contributing to this behavior and eventually put the study to use in her daily lifestyle.

Mistress Amelia Marx’s practices of taking money from her clients and clients’ personal enjoyment sparked a whole new cult fetish online after she posted most of her daily adventures online.

Psychological Background

It is believed that most men enter the “findom” is because of dealing with low self-esteem. These men who enjoy financial domination are said to be incapable of dealing with loneliness, rejection, humiliation, and even the fear of being repetitive, outcasted, and unwanted in our present society.

According to a sex therapist, Financial domination is the instance where an individual enjoys giving others control over their financial assets and even as their way of wanting to lose control.

Entering the world of “findom” gives satisfaction to these individuals because they can see how they are wanted and needed by their money mistress. Being not able to handle pain over rejection and being unwanted, these men spend their time spoiling their money mistress in order to gain their self-worth.

True to say that in our society, people can easily define worth through financial capabilities. Thus, this factor is being used by these money slaves as their point used to compare themselves with other men. According to an article, financial domination relates its notion to humans as being something eccentric or causing someone to act unusual in a way. In addition, it is said that financial domination’s intimacy is closely aligned to being a manner of being capitalistic and masochist in ways.

How Does Financial Domination Works

Financial domination will entirely depend on both parties’ tastes. Interaction with clients can be done personally, through social media, sites, or even phones.

Fin dommes usually use social media as a platform to encourage men to give money. The gifts come in forms of cash, even something the money mistress wants to buy online, and can also be in the form of vacation packages. Sometimes money slaves even let their money mistress take control over their bank account, account passwords, and transactions.

Money mistresses can simply demand the amount depending on the money slave’s financial capabilities. The amount that will be spent by the money slave will entirely be up to him. There is no entire limit to how much or to what expense will the money slave be spending on his money mistress. The transaction will depend entirely on what the two parties agreed upon.

Although, some money mistresses can be aggressive sometimes so clients must be careful. There are money mistresses who try to take control of the money slaves account in order for them to get the desired amount that they want. Clients must be careful when dealing with money mistresses.

It can be up to the clients whether they give cash or be it in the form of gifts. Some money mistresses would already be satisfied with cash or vacation packages.

Contacting money mistresses can be found in sites and also through their social media. Both of the clients and the money mistress must agree to terms first in order to secure and end up with favorable terms for both parties.

How to find Financial Dominatrix in the UK:

Findom websites

Fem Dom Finder

Here, clients can create an account and allows them to learn more about fem domination. By creating an account, clients have access to all the perks of BDSM scenes according to satisfaction. Clients will enjoy many kinks upon signing up. If you are a client definitely willing to submit yourself, a dominant will choose you immediately.

In this site, clients can see profiles of dominants near their location or found within their region. If the clients upgrade to VIP premium, they will have access to photos and videos, unlimited private messaging, and more. Information is very discreet, and privacy is assured. Assists are on standby 24/7 if having difficulty accessing the site.



An online community that introduces clients to a wide variety of fem dominatrix to choose from. Joining this community would grant you access to other clients who would share their experiences by using this site. will help clients see which fem dominatrix is near their location or region and message them in order to know the mode of transaction and what both the client and the dominatrix would agree upon.

This is a community where there is a wide array of perks as clients sign up. Those who wish to join must fill up all necessary information first before being granted access to the site. Here clients can also see options of transactions that can be easy for them and agreeable for the dominatrix.



This site, guaranteed safe and free, introduces clients to many options for owner satisfaction. There is an option where clients can search according to distance, country, or city to see which dominatrix can be located near you. Only 18 years and above are allowed to sign up to Hepays also has an option whether clients would like to add photos and information or remain anonymous to assure privacy. It can be used easily and works like any other social media and networking sites.

The site is free to use for men but must upgrade if they wish to communicate with someone with a higher commission. Hepays are client-friendly and encourage them to leave feedback to improve their services.


Famous Money Mistress

Goddess Xena

Know more about the money mistress Goddess Xena through her site. In this site, clients will get to know more about what it requires to be goddess Xena’s client. Get to know what she wants, amounts, or the gifts she requires. See how clients can contact her and other services that she has to offer.

In this site, clients will also see how to do the transactions and what is on her Amazon wish list (if a client wants to buy her gifts). Clients will also see her official account and know about her adventures and what she requires in order to become her client. How you can contact Goddess Xena is posted on this said page.


Miss Alice London

Those men who are interested in contacting Money mistresses can go to twitter and search for this account, here in this social media platform that is used by a financial dominatrix. Here, clients can find accounts of whichever money mistress that they would want like this one.

This is one account of a dominatrix that clients can check out. It is also easy to see this account as a way for clients to talk to this financial dominatrix of how they would contact each other and other terms and agreements they must agree upon. Her information can be checked by visiting her bio. Clients can check schedules, decide to meet ups, and know what would be good for both parties and what she prefers.  

Twitter profile: @missalicelondon

Mistress Cat

Meet Mistress Catriona through this site. In this site, clients who wish to become submissive to Mistress Cat can see her rules and what it requires to be her submissive. There are provided options as well that clients can choose. If men wish to know about Mistress Cat’s rules, options, and levels of financial submission, just visit this site in order to know these and more. She offers online and Real-time options basing on what you would agree upon. Clients will see her account as to where they can contact her in order to meet a financial agreement.


Alexandra Morris

Here is a site for first time submissive and financial dominatrix. It is mostly a blog of a dominatrix that tells clients all about their day to day lifestyle and what it requires to be submissive. Read all about financial domination and learn there is to know about it. With information from this site, clients will be guided by the right dominatrix to choose from.

This site offers a book that gives clients access to information, startups, how to connect with a dominatrix, what should be remembered when getting in touch with a dominatrix, and more. If clients want a guide to finding the right dominatrix for them, this site would be perfect. Learn about the world of financial domination in order to know what to do and basic transactions with a dominatrix.


Mistress Esmeralda

Know about how it goes with Mistress Esmeralda. This site introduces clients to this mistress and what it takes to do business and transactions with her. Through this site, clients will see what it takes and what Mistress Esmeralda offers in exchange for financial domination.

This official site is also where clients can know more about the mistress and about how she started as a dominatrix and how long she is in the industry of findom. Learn about her terms and agreements, rules to follow, and specific schedules and tasks that she likes. Contact information can also be found in the site, including exclusive clips of the mistress.


Miss Foxx

Miss Foxx is considered as the finest and sexiest financial dominatrix and is the founder of “The Ebonatrix.” Visit this site if the client wishes to know more about Miss Foxx and explore options that can be dealt with. There are provided information about her and what she has to offer and all the services she is available to. Clients who also wish to send her gifts can do it directly through this page.

See what she offers and other exclusive clips that can be found through this site. Clients will know how it works with this mistress, what it takes to serve her, and modes to communicate with her through this site.


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