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UK Mistress and Lifestyle Dominatrix Listings

These Mistress listings are submitted from serious Mistresses around the UK. Mistress Dominatrix is a Thai Mistress and she has many friends who are stunning asian mistresses and asian escorts but she believes in helping all ladies in her field to raise their profile and hopefully put them in touch with new slaves and submissives to use for their pleasure. Mistress Dominatrix always requests that any other mistresses on her site will give a reciprocal link because on certain search engines this is the key to high mistress rankings on chosen keywords i.e. where a mistress appears on mistress dominatrix's website and mistress dominatrix links to the mistress this will help both parties provided the other mistress also links to mistress dominatrix. Where another mistress refuses to link to mistress dominatrix she will have no option but to remove her from the list because no link means that mistress dominatrix is penalised by the search engines and her own ranking will drop (which in turn affects all of the other mistresses on her site). Mistress Dominatrix receives between half and one million hits a month so it's a pretty sure bet that this website will send visitors to any mistresses listed here.


Aberrant Angel Deviant oriental seductress mistress

Anaconda Lane Where women defeat men


Belle De Nuit Elegant, enigmatic bisexual London based mistress

Bel Jeste Professional domina based in London

Black Mistress Angela Bootilicious black mistress and four friends offer correction, humiliation and sissy training in Nottingham

Boudoir En Femme For the man who longs to be all woman


Caning Mistress Experienced strict blonde London based dominatrix

Colonic Clinic Matron offers medicals and colonic treatment in a private country cottage hospital

Contessa Dei Fiori A new breed of dominant

Countess Diana Beautiful well equipped Nottingham based mistress


Disciplinarian Miss Gillian Lancer's spanking and strict discipline videos

Discipline By Lady Alex Leeds based disciplinarian offers a journey into pain

Discipline-UK Mistress Christine offers spanking pleasure for the true connoisseur

Divine Mistress Heather Stunning superior dominant mistress

Domina Divas Two sensual bisexual mistresses require worship

Dominant Duo Two stunning adult television stars seek slaves

Domme Text Live mobile phone text domination service run by experienced dominatrices


Ebony Dominatrix Superior black Mistress Pru based in South London

Emma Princess Perverse Sophisticated and sadistically seductive state enrolled nurse based in London

The Enchantress Mistress Faye Abdicate control and free your soul

Evil Female Hypnotist Is obedience a CHOICE? Not in my world!


The Fetish Bazaar Imagine the unimaginable and leave your world behind

Fetish Medical Clinic S&M fantasy fetish medical service based in Brighton

Forced Bi Mistress Lady Pimp, the hetero boy's worst nightmare!

Frustino The personal pages of an imaginative woman


The German Mistress Discreet, strict and intelligent German mistress offering fantasy and fetish humiliation in London

Goddess Fiona Elegant, sophisticated, dirty, posh perverse bitch mistress based in Cheshire

Goddess Freya The ultimate Scandinavian fetish mistress

Goddess Natalie True lifestyle mistress seeks serious submissives in the south of England

Goddess Nemesis Simply stunning mistress is back again in surrey

Goddess Ophelia Imposing lifestyle dominatrix combines her stunning blend of beauty and sadism


Hells Goddess

Her Feet Foot fetish orientated sexual fantasies within a domination and bondage theme

Her Royal Highness Superior lifestyle dominatrix with a unique approach and style based in Manchester

The House Of Worship Mistress Charlotte and Mistress Chloe offer domination, submission, humiliation and fantasy torture


Mistress Isis Queen Isis is an erotic oriental dominatrix who will feed you with her bad attitude


Just Lauren London's finest bondage and s&m play-leader


Lady Amber The incomparable Lady Amber with Studios and well equipped dungeons in Croydon and Brighton

Lady Chastity UK Mistress "Lady Chastity" and slave girl Nikki in their Manchester city centre dungeon

The Lady Elizabeth welcomes new pets to experience her style of professional domination at her Bristol chambers

Lady Enigma is a famous character in the world of theatre and she welcomes little male and female slaves onto her favourite stage

Lady Gina specialises in hard or gentle erotic domination at her spacious London dungeon

Lady Samantha Lifestyle mistress invites you to enter into her private world

Lady Sarah Tall, slim, elegant leather clad mistress gives pleasure and pain combined to perfection

Lady Secrette Charming voluptuous, sexy and sophisticated London based French mistress

Lady Selena-Domina Leicester based Domina who likes to stretch the boundaries of the submissives who serve her

Lady Sonia Britain's premier domme offers exclusive femdom movies and domination / fetish sex videos

Lady Ursula Argento de Sevilla Extreme, ruthless, humiliating TS dominatrix based in Canary Warf London

Leg Mistress England's most exclusive femdom and fetish mistress

The Lifestyle Mistress Bristol based lifestyle dominatrix with fully equipped centrally appointed chambers

Little Miss Dynamite Sheffield based dominatrix with a bad streak offers domination to males and females

London Domina Offers CP and spanking, domination, humiliation training and in depth medicals

London Mistresses

London Retreat Stunning mistresses offer sanctuary to gentlemen with a choice of over 70 uniforms at Earls Court, London


Madam Amber Passionate, kind, demanding, cruel, understanding, sensual, strict and experienced at her Newport, Wales based dungeon

Madame Astrid Exquisitely balanced mind and body control by a London based mistress

Madame B Mistress Tallon, Mistress B, Mistress Lee offer a truly humiliating experience

Madame Beth Listed as a mature premier uk mistress and offering domination to slaves in a large fully equipped Manchester based dungeon

Madam Julia Premier UK serious mistress with a fully equipped and discreet dungeon based in South Kensington, London

Madam Lauren For a thoroughly painful but pleasurable experience in her well equipped chambers

Madam Mandy Visit Madame Mandy's fantasy world for all forms of torture, role play, watersports and hardsports

Madame Mandy For the devoted s&m sports enthusiast

Madame Nicole Sultry, sensual, imaginative, Madame Nicole the supreme mistress of the planet

Madam Severa Tall, athletic, dominant mistress enjoys genuine submissives

Madame Tachibana Professional and supremely beautiful Japanese dominatrix based in Central London

Madam Touche Professional domination in the heart of Sheffield with an attractive experienced mistress

Meisterin J.Zara A sanctuary of female supremacy in London

Miss Anna For devotees of parlour BDSM femdom

Miss Bette Noire West London based Mistress offers 1930s-1950s style costumes and domination "Beauty and the Birch"

Miss Chambers Stunning magazine and video star dominatrix based in Manchester

Miss Chi Leeds based Oriental dominatrix of extreme beauty and cruelty

Miss Katie Stunning natural dominant Mistress offers gently sensual or cruelly sadistic play at her Staffordshire premises

Miss Kimberley Cornwall based lifestyle and professional dominatrix

Miss Prudence Parker Distinguished lady of many roles based in Surrey

Miss Spiteful Experienced professional dominatrix working in South East London

Miss X Kinkstress X -Practitioner of Kinky arts

Mistress Abby St Claire Bringing sensuality to sadism and based in London

Mistress Abigail de Ath Dominatrix, fetish, model, Man's ruin! based in Glasgow

Mistress Abigail London based Zulu bitch offers most fetishes and humiliation fantasies

Mistress Alana Voluptuous Mistress Alana works from her well equipped dungeon in Wood Green, London

Mistress Alana Genuine pro domme who enjoys a wide range of domination activities with males, females, couples, TV's, TS's, adult babies

Mistress Alaya Manchester and London based strict bitch goddess seeks submissive slaves for her amusement

Mistress Alexis New to London but not new to domination, with over eight years of experience in BDSM

Mistress Alexis Kane Welcome to Mistress Alexis's world of creative eroticism at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, East Anglia

Mistress Amanda Madame Amanda and her Mistresses can pamper of punish slaves without limitation

Mistress Angel London Mistress believes in punishing the body to cleanse the soul, and you must submit to her divine intelligence to attain deliverence

Mistress Angela Towering Mistress with the imagination and desire to torment, tease and torture at will, based in St John's Wood, London

Mistress Anna Professional dominatrix based in Norwich

Mistress Anna Dare you discover and surrender yourself

Mistress Anna Goddess UK Mistress Anna of Manchester is refined and exquisite in every way

Mistress Annabel Eroticism and adventure await those entranced by my calling

Mistress Ava Supreme and devastatingly attractive domina based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Mistress Avalon American goddess, graduate and active participant in the BDSM lifestyle

Mistress Ayisha Supreme Lincolnshire goddess - Are you ready to serve?

Mistress Bernice Southern UK based professional dominatrix

Mistress Bryce Jones Offers the ultimate for submissive role play in the North West and probably the best equipped dungeon in the UK

Mistress Caitlin Morgan Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures

Mistress Caprice The one goal that all my subjects have to work for is my pleasure, happiness and fulfilment at my London premises

Mistress Carmen Wild and untamed professional dominatrix Mistress based in Glasgow

Mistress Charlotte Amazon Mistress Charlotte, imposing at 6ft 2 and a with a body that demands worship

Mistress Christine Traditional English discipline, punishment and corrective training

Mistress Cila Stunning exotic diva

Mistress Claudia Loves double sessions where she can demonstrate her skills and humiliate her special long term slave

Mistress Cleo Serious Mistress and erotic goddess of pain and pleasure seeks worthy slaves for punishment at her Nottingham dungeon

Mistress Cordelia Enjoys all forms of domination and caters for serious to novice players at her luxurious West London premises

Mistress D Strix A real class act and one of the best UK Premier Mistresses around with extensive wardrobe and well fitted dungeon

Mistress Danni Your Newcastle Bitch!!

Mistress Dawn Manchester based Mistress Dawn is an exclusive and experienced Mistress

Mistress DD Enter the Temple of Dark Events and let us prepare you for a sensual experience

Mistress Demonic Dominatrix goddess who loves nothing better than to be worshipped and adored in her Kent dungeon

Mistress Diva Warwickshire based Mistress invites you to enter her dark side

Mistress Dominatrix Exceptionally beautiful and talented Premier UK Mistress with extensive wardrobe and underground dungeon

Mistress Donna Tall Mistress who will tower over you in her thigh high boots

Mistress Ebb Scotland's premier pro domme and universally photographed fetish model - an evil beautiful bitch!

Mistress Ebowe  Professional, superior, powerful, and dominant black Caribbean goddess with a Nottingham based dungeon

Mistress Elaine UK Mistress Elaine is a tall beautiful, friendly and understanding goddess

Mistress Electra Amore Australian domina in London welcomes the novice to the extreme

Mistress Elizabeth Sexy black domina based in London, offering a full range of services including water-sports and hard-sports

Mistress Elizabeth D' Vall Welcome to the deviant world of Mistress Elizabeth - lifestyle Mistress with a passion for pain

Mistress Eva Professional French born oriental dominatrix situated in Cambridge

Mistress Evila Beautiful 5ft 2 raven haired pro lifestyle mistress with a dress size 6-8

Mistress Evil G Mistress Evil G is A Gothic Dominatrix Top living on the Hertfordshire / London border

Mistress Fiera London Mistress Fiera is an expert in domination, humiliation, bdsm and the treatment of submissives in general

Mistress Fiona A professional Cheshire based dominatrix, offering a plethora or perversities

Mistress Flogmore The Mature Dominatrix

Mistress Gemma Professional Mistress Gemma offers all kinds of fetish humiliation and fantasies at her private London dungeon

Mistress Heather Enjoys many types of roleplay and can take on roles that vary from the cruel bitch to the dominant yet caring mistress

Mistress Hellena World renowned professional dominatrix situated in Leeds

Mistress Jaguar Two Dominas, twice the fun, Erotica and Sensuality in Sittingbourne

Mistress Jaguar Invites slaves to enter her sanctuary for an experience in Sittingbourne

Mistress Jillene Central Birmingham lifestyle dominatrix welcomes slaves to her home for correction therapy for mind, body and soul

Mistress Joanne A firm yet fair dominatrix offering private sessions to novices or serious players

Mistress Karena Mistress Karena is a lifestyle domina who believes in CP using canes, whips, crops and paddles situated in Manchester

Mistress Katya One of the UK's most Premier Dominas based in Warwickshire

Mistress Kaye Offers total domination by a sensual but totally ruthless goddess "once bitten forever smitten"

Mistress Kristiana Superior Mistress exuding strength and raw sensuality with 15 years of BDSM experience based in London

Mistress Kulit Beautiful but strict, leather loving Asian Goddess with dungeons in Croydon and Reading

Mistress Lauren Strict and imposing London based Dominatrix offers a fully equipped dungeon with medical, school and TV room

Mistress Leah Stunning yet sophisticated dominatrix and Premier UK Mistress with an amazing understanding and knowledge of fantasy realisation

Mistress Leigh Beautiful sensual sadist recently returned to her plush London premises after an extensive period of worldwide travel

Mistress Lilith professional mistress lilith offers a vast range of fetish humiliation and fantasies at her premier Scotland based dungeon

Mistress Liz A fantastic personality and offers mild domination to novices at her London chambers

Mistress Louise Fire Wales and West of England dominatrix and fire play artist

Mistress Lubyanka Extremely beautiful Russian KGB Mistress who adores controlling slaves at her Croydon dungeon

Mistress Lush Attractive Goddess commands slaves to pamper and pleasure her

Mistress Madelaine Enter the superior world of mistress madelaine

Mistress Madelaine Freya Open minded dominatrix demands total obedience and respect from slaves who visit her Reading or London dungeons

Mistress Madonna Kane She will train you to display total subservience, devotion and instant obedience

Mistress Maggie Lancashire based Mistress, experienced in the art of domination and sadism

Mistress Maria Strict Bedfordshire Mistress offering all services including adult babies, bdsm, school punishment, torture, foot worship, medical scenes

Mistress Maureen Female domination at its ultimate by this attractive voluptuous dominatrix

Mistress Mia Professional Oriental Mistress combining sensuality and cruelty

Mistress Miranda She is the Queen of Domination and offers many services at her Northolt dungeon

Mistress Misha Strap-on specialist looking to make male and female slaves into her whore

Mistress Morrigan Professional Dominatrix and Dark Goddess offering one to one sessions in her fully equipped sanctum

Mistress Nadezshda Lifestyle Pro Dominatrix and principal actress of the Russian theatre

Mistress Nicole Glasgow supreme blonde mistress invites genuine submissives to worship and obey her in return for the ultimate pain and pleasure

Mistress Nina Voluptuous dominatrix based on herts / beds /cambs borders

Mistress Nina A natural dominatrix, "as beautiful as she can be cruel" and based in London

Mistress Nina Attractive exotic lady and connoisseur of the cane and a psycho dramatiste admirer and practitioner based in West London

Mistress Octavia Blonde professional dominatrix who will delight in training and tormenting you

Mistress Pam Seriously dangerous West London domme who specialises in wrestling fantasies, including face sitting, scissoring and schoolgirl pins

Mistress Patricia Lifestyle mistress with a vast experience and private chambers in Leyton, East London

Mistress Penelope An educated, refined and authentic English Dominatrix will introduce discerning clients to the secrets of the masochistic Ideal

Mistress Penelope Hot Latino babe and exotic Cuban fetish model and dominatrix situated in Nottingham

Mistress Purdy Lifestyle dominatrix who is "wild, willing and waiting"

Mistress R'eal Real Reasons, Real Beauty, Real Domination from this stunning London based Goddess

Mistress Ria London based professional mistress with dungeon, providing services from the very sensual to the more adventurous

Mistress Rowena Mature full figured Goddess with premises in London

Mistress Sabrina Light hearted but firm mistress who will stand no nonsense

Mistress Sadie Sphinx Fully equipped domina with a large discreet and private dungeon for most fantasies and fetishes

Mistress Sapphire Mature, skilled and experienced London Dominatrix

Mistress Saskia Highly experienced Mistress who likes the unusual and taboo and will also submit to a deserving master

Mistress Scarlet Tall sexy dominatrix with a natural authority over men

Mistress Scarlet Novices, males, females and couples are welcome at her Glasgow based fully fitted dungeon

Mistress Scorpion Dare you enter the Scorpion's lair in Lancashire

Mistress Shaz Very skilled, Bristol based Black Dominatrix likes dealing with submissives after they confess their sins to her

Mistress Sidonia Von Bork Intelligence, creativity, intuition, imagination, experience, enthusiasm, skill and understanding - Great resource site

Mistress Sophia Beautiful young blonde domina who specialises in the sensual side of domination and uniform fantasies at Earls Court London

Mistress Sophie Stern Mature and experienced dominatrix seeking true devotees of the dominant women to come and worship this exquisite madam

Mistress Sophie Slaves required to use their tongue on beautiful Goddesses feet, shoes and boots

Mistress Storm London based superior mistress offers classic domme, office bitch, strict school mistress, nasty nurse, bossy aunt fantasies

Mistress Sue Offers a variety of classical services and delights in the pleasure she gains from the devotion of her slaves at her Newcastle chambers

Mistress Suzannah Experienced dominatrix with a vast array of equipment, will indulge your fantasies at her London chambers

Mistress Suki Stunningly beautiful Thai Asian lady who offers tie n tease, fetish roleplays and sensual services in her Gloucestershire chambers

Mistress Tabatha A young and beautiful sadist who intoxicates the very souls of worthy submissives

Mistress Tamika Black Mistress based in Easex, welcomes slaves to her exclusive femdom, bondage and latex site

Mistress Tanith Experienced and accomplished lifestyle mistress and expert in fetish fashion, invites novices and experienced to her London chambers

Mistress Tanya Finnish Domina in London will imaginatively explore and expand your fantasies

Mistress Tytania London domme who receives chosen slaves in the stylish intimacy of her boudoir

Mistress Ursula traditional dominatrix who will explore the fascinating real of the human imagination at her London chambers

Mistress Valentina The Alchemist of Erotica

Mistress Veronica Accomplished London based Indian / Asian Dominatrix, providing fetish and fantasy BDSM in her well equipped dungeon

Mistress Zara Essex based dominatrix, skilled in slave training, correction punishment and discipline

Mistress Zena Highly erotic and sensual, loves her slaves to worship and serve her in fully equipped chambers

Mistress Zoe Based in London and has worked internationally and expects very high levels of servitude from her clientile

Ms Caroline The UK's baddest Mistress and star of Playboy, Adult Channel and other productions


Oriental Domina professional Oriental dominatrix situated in Cambridge


Princess Lucina Princess Lucina Bathory. The Dark Angel situated in Manchester UK

Princess Spider The ultimate lifestyle mistress will enforce the de-humanisation of all submissives


Realm Of The Supervixens Mistress Katja (fantasy specialist and head mistress of the realm of the supervixens) & Mistress Nasty, Mistress Sarah

The Rose Cottage Sophia The Swedish Switch is a Stunning Mistress with fully equipped dungeon with extensive wardrobe


TV Mistress Abigail An experienced lifestyle mistress based in Cheshire

TV Mistress Christina Welcome to Hell in County Durham, There is no mercy for the weak and worthless souls who enter

TV Mistress Rachel Professional dominant TV Mistress with well equipped Staffordshire premises

TS Mistress Christine Midlands based petite feminine post of TS Mistress with style and imagination

TS Mistress Rogue Excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures


Warwick House Welcome to Madame Mandy and Mistress Terry's fantasy world


Zamphira Cunning, ruthless, athletic, assertive and will use her hypnosis training and feminine charm to bring you under her spell


Dominatrix Kaya is simply outstanding in the world of domination, submission and humiliation by a strict Asian Dominatrix. Regardless of whether a Dominatrix is originally from the UK or the Orient you must ensure that the Dominatrix is skilled in her art of domination and not just a lass with a ball of string and a whip who purports to be a Dominatrix. A real Dominatrix will usually be able to show genuine Dominatrix photographs of her at work as a Dominatrix using and abusing her sub-missives for her kinky pleasures or in fact anyway befitting of a strict Dominatrix. A strict Dominatrix will not tolerate timewasters and will always demand a suitable contact number to ensure the Dominatrix is never left in a compromising position where a submissive might not turn up for an appointment with such a Dominatrix. Any genuine Dominatrix will always be helpful with emails or phone contact because many submissives are simply scared stiff at how to address a Dominatrix in the correct manner befitting of a cruel premier Dominatrix. Any Dominatrix of Asian origin will usually be a superior Dominatrix in looks and often technique because Oriental ladies can be perversely cruel when necessary especially when they have been trained as a strict Dominatrix.